"I think I was 3 or 4 years old when my father took me for the first time to pick grapes. It was at my grandfather's vineyard in Jenins, Switzerland, the so called 'Bündner Herrschaft' - where he crafted a simple Pinot Noir (Beerliwyy) for family and friends."

Founder (2004) and Managing Partner of Finca Los Amigos. Peter is a Swiss national who earned his MBA at Columbia University in NYC. During several years, he was an Executive with Roche Pharmaceuticals and other multinationals. In 2003, when he turned 50, he looked for a new challenge: he wanted to make his own wine. He fell in love with Mendoza where he acquired a 150 ha (370 acres) vineyard in Luján de Cuyo. Shortly after, he discovered that some of his friends had the same dream. This is how “Mendoza Vineyard Village” was born.


Hubert, with an Engineering degree in 'Oenology & Beverage Technology', is another Swiss “Expat” living in Mendoza. He came for an internship which was supposed to last 6 months....this was 20 years ago! Today, Hubert has 30 years of solid experience in vineyards and winemaking. He is not only head of enology at the distinguished Bodega y Cavas de Weinert but also works as a consultant and is partner in several important projects. His expertise covers vineyards, olives, wines and spirits. We are happy to have him on our team – and so are our clients!


Operational Manager at Finca Los Amigos and Mendoza Vineyard Village. Felix is Argentine and has been working all his life in Vineyards in Luján de Cuyo, acquiring a vast experience in the care-taking of the delicate vines. He has been with us since the very beginning and disposes of an excellent knowledge of our ‘terroir’. We are lucky to have him in our team!


The Celasso family has owned vineyards in the Province of Mendoza for many decades, always emphasizing on the quality of the berries. In 2007, after having spent 2 years working with various winemakers in the Silicon Valley, the two brothers, Martin, with an Engineering degree in Agro-Science, and Nicolas, with a Master in International Commerce, started Bodega Viamonte.
Their philosophy is making excellent wines at an affordable price, and they are very successful by doing so: Today, they sell approximately 150,000 bottles per year, both in Argentina and in several selected Export Markets, mainly in the USA. We are extremely happy and proud to have them as our wine making partners.